How to Earn $100+ a Day Using Craigslist

We all at one point have envisaged hitting the jackpot, that billion dollar deal which would change our lives and that of our loved ones forever; it doesn’t have to be a one time blow and yes!!! It’s definitely possible to Earn $100+ a Day Using Craigslist even with the most honest and sincere ways.

Do you have ideas that the world’s been waiting for? Ideas which you have no method of input, strategization and actualization? Ideas that could be that gold and more? If you had a yes to one or more of the questions asked above then this is for you.

Why not sit back, relax and walk this path with me as we talk about making at least a $100 and more using this terrific and mind blowing method- Craigslist.

What Is Craigslist?

Craigslist was invented in 1995 by Craig Alexander Newmark for the purpose of money making through the availability of products, services and even properties. This platform is divided into sections devoted to the advertisement of jobs, housing, gigs, personal for-sale items, community discussions (forum) and more.

Craigslist makes possible connectivity for people with particular mind-sets and ideas especially within a locality or sphere for both sellers and buyers which enhances 100% interaction and opportunity to make money and meet needs; trust me, hassle free transactions are certified.

Unlike other famous sites, this site (Craigslist) has no charge for whatsoever posting of products uploaded thus making you as a seller free as a bird and your transactions cost effective but you must learn the basics to avoid wrong deals and encounters with scammers or the wrong type of individuals.

However, the decision is yours to either tap into Earning $100+ a Day Using Craigslist with this offer of a lifetime and start living up to standard or expectations by being your own boss and making your steady dollar thus you’re independent or keep living the life of want and dependence on people around you; the choice is yours!!!.

Here are few yet very important tips on making a $100+ a day using Craigslist.

  1. Getting Started:

Getting started on craigslist is very important for the establishment of your business and great source of income. Like every other sites and social media platforms, you must first create an account which would enable you have genuine access to the site without disruption. Once this account is created you’d decide to choose if you want to sell and what type of services you’d be rendering to the public in general, this however would be certified after a good survey of your environment and decision taken on what kind of business would be embarked on.

  1. Survey Your Environment:

Every environment has it’s particularity which enables it stand out amongst numerous environments and societies ranging from natural resources to climatic make up and more which most times is a determinant of what lifestyle and means of survival holds and this in every way determines it’s business standard and what comes to stay.

It actually shouldn’t be said that to Earn $100+ a Day Using Craigslist can’t be started or mounted in a place because as long as human beings are found in that sphere, they have needs that must be met and they would give all it takes to make sure they have all they want and need thus your source of income is guaranteed. Therefore do a rigorous survey of the demand and supply peculiar to that place you intend to be established or make an establishment, once that is settled you’re on the go and can’t be stopped.

  1. Have The Right Mind-set:

Whether you think you can or think you can’t; You are right- Henry Ford.

The above quote by Henry Ford simply implies that it’s human to see that a thing either can be done or can’t be done but it’s solely dependent on your mind-set, thus your attitude determines your direction. Starting up could cause series of night mares and worries like would I have buyers? What if I encounter scammers and internet fraudsters? Is my product good enough? And more but it shouldn’t stand as a limitation or hindrance to your success. It’s ok to weigh the negative and positive sides to a thing but allowing the positive prevail helps the boost of your business and it’s dominance in the market.

  1. Sell Your Business Rightly, Use the Right Tag/ Headlines:

Sometimes being short and precise has more effect than using the overly sugar coated words which most times does the opposite of what’s intended; scare buyers. Don’t forget it’s a market and you’d have competitors who would in most cases offer the exact same services like yourself therefore Earning $100+ a Day Using Craigslist can stand out by being one of your kind come what may. Why not use eye catching straight to the point words/ tags with attractive price which makes it a full package.

  1. Patience; An Important Virtue:

When selling a product or offering a particular service to people, patience is required of you. Fact is some items for sale or services to be rendered have a particular market rush-hour. For example Air conditions might not be patronized during the winter because if the weather and it’s implications thus it’s required that you hold on a bit for summer to come in which there would be a high possible demand for the product. More so with other services rendered.

I agree with the popular adage which goes thus, “ Rome was not built in a day”, thus my advice is wait. With patience and persistence that money would be made before you know it.

  1. Invest Your Time Yet Be Very Conscious Of It:

It is time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important- Mother Teresa.

The amount of time given to or spent on a thing shows how much worth and value we place on it thereby showing if it means a thing to us in anyway. Starting a business and hoping it comes through and clear determines the amount of time we choose to invest or have invested in it. Pamper, nurture and take care of it the way you would to a seedling we hope someday to be a flowering plant or a big tree which bears fruits beyond expectations; dote on it.

More so, the time of your clients/ customers should be of great importance to you therefore do not waste it. Just the way our faces and intentions differ, so does our perspective and approach to life is therefore do not take everyone to be like yourself. You could even go extra mile to making deliveries to them as there are clients who are willing to pay extra the amount as long as it satisfies them. In essence, get it done.

  1. Be Available Always:

This particular section may not entirely be possible but its is if and only if you make it that way. When you have your customers at heart you would always be available to their every want and need. Quick and positive response to buyers makes them come back because they know they would have quality business experience with you. Once there is a response to your ad, you should know that individual is a potential buyer and therefore should be attended to as soon as possible, follow up ad close the sale on that requested product.

Make yourself available and trust me you’d be glad you did.

  1. Stay Abreast Of/ In The Game:

Keep in touch and know when there are new offers and deals with AdNotifiers. This helps you monitor and know when new ads are posted in your category or line of service. A thorough looking up as often as possible increases your chances of hitting the right deal and being abreast of the game. Remember you have competitors so stay attentive in other not to be kicked out or trampled on.


The only person who can stop you from actualizing your dreams and maximizing your potentials is you. Never stop believing in yourself and the things you can accomplish, trust me it’s never too late to start all over again and you are never a failure if you fail but become one if and only if you stop trying. It’s never too late to become that independent person you’ve always wanted to be. Believe in yourself, You can do it.Learn How To Earn $100 a Day By Clicking Here

Until Next Time…

John Richards

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